2018 SunSeoungNori Application

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2018 SunSeoungNori

Hanyangdoseoung, the Seoul City Wall Walking Tour for English Speakers
Total length of Seoul City Wall 18.6km!
Walk along the entire Seoul City Wall…
While walking experience Seoul’s 600-year-old historic city wall with English-speaking guides.
This will be a great opportunity to explore Seoul!

◦Date: October 13th (Sat)

◦Time: 7 am –7 pm

◦ Route
– Mt. Inwangsan~ Mt. Baegak ~ Mt.Naksan ~ Mt. Mokmyuk 18.6 Km 10 hours
– Departure from: Seoul Museum of History

◦ Fee: 10,000 won/person (신한은행 Shinhan Bank/Account Number 100-024-876626/서울KYC)

◦ Eligibility: English Speakers/ 12 years or older (Must be able to walk more than 10 hours)

◦ Capacity: Max 40 persons
-The program is offered in English to provide foreigners who speak little to no Korean with an opportunity to learn the history and value of the Seoul City Wall.

◦ Host: Seoul KYC Volunteer Guides

◦ How to Apply
-Application Deadline: October 8th, 2018
-Google Application Document : https://goo.gl/forms/qp0SA0VC90gcofQD3

*If the name on the wire transaction doesn’t match with the applicant’s name. Let us know.
Any Questions? You can call or text to Hannah: 010-5414-5331 or seoulkyc@kyc.or.kr (English)